Damian Force is a Dj and producer, his career included tracks that were released at the Universal, BMG, Loaded Records (Freemasons record label), Pacha Recordings, Starlight Records, Prison Entertainment and many other chart-topping labels. Damian (Mr. DYF in the past) is author of such well-known European hits such as “Hold On” collaboration with English house diva Shena, finely remixed by legendary Freemasons. The Track took 3rd place on Top 10 world dance charts for 3 consecutive months in 2009. In 2012 the club hit “All Day Lover” feat. Katherine Ellis ruled the Beatport Top 10 House charts for 2 months. Damian collaborated with many world stars such as Bob Sinclar, David Guetta, Dj Andrea Mendoza just to name a few in various forms. At 2014 Damian changed his alias on Damian Force and new round of his career begins.

• Sonar Festival 2015 added his track “Treasure” to their official


• 2016 becomes fruitful year for the artist. His house track “Barbarian

Love” have been marked by Billboard Magazine USA by the rating 10

out of 10 .

• August 2016 brought him 1 st position at TOP 100 of Trackitdown.net

with track Damian Force ft. Amannda “Sunny Girl”. “Sunny Girl” held

on to the #1 position for 3 weeks. This composition is noteworthy

because Damian acted not only as composer and producer of the

track, but also as a vocalist.

• October 2016 brought to Damian pool of Beatport charts. House

Release “Chap! Chap!” got to Beatport TOP20 House and held its

positions for 2 weeks. His track “All Right” hit the charts with #32 of

Beatport TOP 100 House and #5 of Beatport TOP 100 House Releases.

• November 2016 and new track “Funky Face” again hit Beatport House

charts grabbing #5 and #38 position on the genera Beatport chart.

2017 passed for Damian Force under sign of “Where is your love’. Released at March 31st “Where is Your Love”, vocal composition with deep soulful lyrics and fabulous vocal got hot radio rotation at the USA. “Where Is Your love” hit USA National Airplay Chart TOP 150 (by Digital Radio Tracker) and during 5 weeks reached 10th position. “Where is your love” held its position at chart during 23 weeks. In the same year, Damian accidentally met Chris Willis on one of the musical events and showing him the track, Chris immediately expressed a desire to perform it. Collaboration between Damian Force and Chris Willis was released in July 2018 at Russia and gain #6 at iTunes Russia holding its positions during 3 weeks. After worldwide release at February 2019 “Where is your love” got #6 at iTunes France Dance chart and hold its positions during May 2019. Now currently interest in the track is not

quenched, collab between Damian and Chris entered to the French Musicbox live Club chart and held positions during 16 weeks in a row. Last release of Damian Force “54” hit iTunes Dance chart Netherlands with #1 and #21 of

main iTunes chart.